Getting Ready For Business

You can go online at your states IRS website to get all your forms. They will let you know if you are a service, or a manufacturer. Some states will charge tax on services and manufacturing status some will not. Be sure to check.

The will answer the phone if you find the right extension.

Talk to your accountant and let them help you find the correct information right from the start.

YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Thousands already have. Join them.

It is important to set up a business banking account and keep the funds separate from your personal funds.

It is important for the customer to have a good experience whether you are working out of your home or another location, make it easy for them to do business with you by having information and samples ready. Plus be sure to be able to take their payment in the way they like to pay. if you want to take Credit Cards, open a PayPal Merchant Account.

Plus he Quilted Muse loves to tidy up things after a quilt is unloaded and before the next quilt top is loaded so the threads and bits from the previous quilt don't get into the next project ;)