Did you realize that thread ages?

Well you might be saying..."don't we all!" So true. Yet, fresh thread is considered old after about 3 years. Especially if you live in an arid climate. And we tend to create that ourselves as we heat and cool our homes and studios.

If you use common colors of thread you use them up fast, like in this wonderful quilt called Vintage Valentine by a dear customer Ann Sarles. I used a light Mother Goose thread that really mixes well with color. YLI calls it Beige and there is also a Lobster Bisque that is fantastic. Those colors we use up quickly because we use them so often.

What about all the colors that you don't use that often? Purples, hot pinks, bright yellow? We tend to by either very large cones or two smaller spools, none the less they are still waiting to be used in a drawer or forgotten on a wall rack.

Here is what I recommend. By the common colors in the large cones and the ones that you will not use that often in the smaller spools.

Hope that helps. Get out your threads, audition ones that you may not even image my work with the fabrics, you may really be surprised.

If you want more help be sure to see if the Running Threads Class would be for you so you can used up all those wonderful threads you have already invested in. It will more than pay for itself so your threads don't just end up in the bobbin. Here is a discount code for you.


Happy Quilting, Sally