Machine Quilting with Sally Terry

Shortcuts and Machine Quilting Tips for Passionate Busy Longarm and Home Machine Quilters

Learn To Machine Quilt Hooked on Feathers Free Motion

We are just launching our NEW Hooked on Feathers Free Motion Machine Quilting Course. It is a compact course focusing on the most popular feathering style ever. So popular it has become the Standard. Learn how I learned to machine quilt feathers. Learn how thousands of other machine quilters...


New Video on Hints and Tips For Enrolling and Navigating Through Your Courses

Feeling a little lost about online learning? Here is a short video to get you started. We'll show you how to register for your "gotta have it" course and how to make it easier to find your way around while you are learning :) Ready !


Is your thread getting too old to run in your quilting machine?

Did you realize that thread ages? Well you might be saying..."don't we all!" So true. Yet, fresh thread is considered old after about 3 years. Especially if you live in an arid climate. And we tend to create that ourselves as we heat and cool our homes and studios. If you use common colors...


So You Never Have To Be Perfect

It's all about forgiving yourself. When something happens on a quilt top, something that is super noticeable then we make a decision, Do we point it out or not. Here is what I told a student who asked me that same question: If the quilt is 6700 square inches. Then your faux pas is 1/6700 inch...